The Summit Lighthouse sponsored by the ascended masters

Ascended Master Sponsorship Of The Summit Lighthouse

The Summit LighthouseThe Ascended Masters sponsor The Summit Lighthouse, an outer organization of the Great White Brotherhood*, as a beacon of culture illumination, wisdom and love for the advancement of the soul.

The Summit Lighthouse provides opportunities and support for a spiritual path outlined by the Teachings of the Ascended Masters embracing all faiths and nationalities.

The purpose of the Summit Lighthouse is to publish the teachings of the Ascended Masters and to shed light on the lost or distorted teachings of Christ.

The Ascended Masters teach the path of overcoming victory whereby the soul can reunite with the Higher Self, walk the earth with self-mastery and return to the heaven-world at the conclusion of a lifetime of service. This is the path of personal Christhood, whereby each one can find the way of overcoming.

The Summit Lighthouse is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to spreading the Teachings of the Ascended Masters throughout the world.

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*The word "white" refers not to race but to the white light that surrounds these immortals.